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Floral Friday :: Hydrangea

Other than the Peony my absolute favorite flower is the hydrangea which can be blue, white, green, pink and even purple!

Hydrangea are in season from spring to late fall and are staple shrubs in many home gardens. When trying to save money on event florals, these beauties can assist with giving a grand look.

By incorporating a few big head hydrangeas into your bouquet and floor arrangement for big presence!

Be careful! Hydrangea are finicky flower and are in constant need of water in order not to wilt.

If you happen to find your hydrangea in a devastatingly droopy state take these steps for a miraculous revival:

Step 1: Snip off about 1 inch of the stem at an angle

Step 2: Using a large dish, sink or tub, completely immerse the bloom in cool water. You can add a scoop of ice to the water to get it cool.

Step 3: Wait several hours or overnight and your bloom will miraculously be revived to its previously lush and gorgeous state!

Spring is right around the corner and I can't wait to see all the gorgeous hydrangea that will be in front of porches across the south.

Happy Friday! [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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