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Cargo & Co. Events

Cargo & Co. Events is a full-service event planning company based in North Carolina, boasting over a decade of experience across hospitality, event management and marketing, public relations, and more. Our expertise lies in crafting flawless events tailored to each client's needs, ensuring every detail is perfect.

Whether planning your dream wedding or a cozy dinner party, we promise to deliver peace of mind and a memorable event experience. Our commitment is your satisfaction and joy.


Why hire a full-time employee when specialized event support costs less? My fractional event management services offer the assistance you need without the high price tag, maximizing your budget


Our services are designed to adapt to your unique requirements. Whether it's a single event or a series of projects, I provide support exactly when and where it's most crucial, ensuring seamless execution

Tailored Support

Leave the complex logistics of event planning to me. I manage the entire lifecycle of your events—from initial concept to post-event analysis—allowing you to focus on your core business objectives without distraction

Our Services

At Cargo & Co. Events, we offer a seamless blend of wedding planning services to ensure your special day is both memorable and stress-free. Our comprehensive full-service planning includes everything from vendor negotiations and venue bookings to day-of coordination.


We also specialize in bespoke floral designs and event rentals, providing everything from elegant bouquets to sophisticated reception decor. Our dedicated team is here to handle every detail, allowing you to cherish every moment of your celebration. Contact us today to start planning your dream event!

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  • Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner? Can’t My __________ (Aunt, College Roommate, Friend, etc.) Plan My Wedding?
    Designs, Décor and Dessert Options Oh MY! With all of the details that come with planning a wedding a bride-to-be has a lot to think about. Why not plan to relax and enjoy your big day? Do you really want to spend your wedding day setting up wedding décor, calling vendors and rearranging seating charts? Time spent dealing with any issues or setbacks that may arise takes away from the time spent preparing to marry your new life partner! Even a trusted friend or family member may struggle assisting without the knowledge and experience needed to execute a spectacular. Wouldn’t you rather that your family and friends spend the day celebrating with you instead of being on-the-clock working? A professional wedding planner has established relationships with many top wedding professionals and can refer someone who will fit your needs and budget. Additionally, a professional planner/coordinator will ensure that your day runs seamlessly, so that you and your fiancé can sit back and enjoy your own wedding. We can’t guarantee that everything will be perfect but we do guarantee that by hiring Cargo & Co. Events you will receive a dedicated, professional experienced certified wedding & events planner who can handle any matters that may arise.
  • I Only Want Day-of Services. Can I Book You Just For The Day of My Wedding?
    No one wants a complete stranger at their wedding. Any planner working with you without getting to know you and your fiancé prior to the day of the wedding is a stranger. In order to properly execute your vision we must spend time getting to know you, your fiancé and your wedding day dream while managing timelines and logistics for your day and establishing a rapport with all of your wedding vendors. In order to ensure you celebrate your day without distractions and make lasting memories, we begin our “Month of” package 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day.
  • Do You Plan Non-Wedding Related Events?
    We are not just wedding planners. With over 10 years of corporate planning experience we love to plan corporate, non-profit and social events! Other planning passions include galas, fundraisers, grand openings, product launches, trade shows, baby showers, birthday parties, retirement parties and more! Contact us so we can create a custom proposal for your business or social planning needs!
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How it Works

Let's Connect for a Discovery Call

Excited to learn more about how I can assist you with your event?
I would love to have a personalised conversation with you and explore how my tailored solutions can bring your vision to life. I can't wait to hear from you!

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